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Endoscopy Devices
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AWAIBA - CMOS Image Sensors

AWAIBA's core business is the development and supply of image sensors for specialised applications, focusing on medical endoscopy, industrial inspection, automotive on board cameras and scientific imaging and analysis.


AWAIBA's core business is the development and supply of image sensors for specialised applications, focusing on medical endoscopy, industrial inspection, automotive on board cameras and scientific imaging and analysis.

CMOS image sensors

AWAIBA offers CMOS image sensors custom designed to these applications as well as standard products optimised for well-defined application areas. AWAIBAs vast technology base provides its customers with beyond state of the art solutions, not only for image sensors, but also with microelectronic packaging optimized for the most demanding applications and integration of optics (system in a package integration).


World's smallest digital camera module for medical endoscopy

AWAIBA's off the shelf offerings include the NanEye Sensor family , which is widely used in innovative medical endoscopic visualisation devices, including one time use (disposable medical devices) devices, due to its compact size. With only 1mm side length on all thre axes, the NanEye camera module, which can operate at up to a 3m cable length, is currently the world's smallest volume digital camera module. In addition to miniature size digital camera modules, AWAIBA also provides a wide range of evaluation kits and accessories such as fibre illumination sources, LED based distal illumination heads and video interface boards that permit the control, operation and integration of the NanEye sensors in virtually any medical visualization application in a fast and hassle free way. AWAIBA's experienced application support team further provides customer design-in support and customisations of the evaluation tools to support medical device innovators with limited resources or experience in digital imaging.

Small size global shutter CMOS image sensor up to 100Fps

The NanEye_GS series of the sensors provides global shutter CMOS sensor performance with up to 100 images per second in a 3mm side length package. It also addresses industrial imaging processes such as data matrix reading or pick and place machines, but also finds use in medical imaging, especially where pulsed illumination is used such as in fluorescence imaging.

Line scan image sensors with 80kHz line rate up to 24k pixels resolution


Since its incorporation, AWAIBA has developed a strong product platform in high speed linear scanning imaging with the flagship product family of the DRAGSTER line scan sensors, providing a total of 30 sensor variations covering resolutions from 2k pixels up to 24k pixels, all supporting a scan rates of up to 80kHz and 12bit resolution. The sensors are widely adopted by industrial camera manufacturers and inspection system integrators of various industries such as paper and print inspection, medical packaging inspection, semiconductor manufacturing and flat panel display inspection.

Etalon free digital high speed linear photodiode array for spectroscopy and OCT

Other line-scan sensors include the ORION family which provides a high aspect ratio photodiode array specifically optimised for spectroscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) applications. Due to the configurable photo diode size and the configurable full well capacity of the sensor, the sensitivity and the SNR can be adjusted to each applicationĀ“s requirements The large photodiode helps to eliminate photon shot noise related limitations of low signal detection. The high scan rate of up to 80kHz enables fast spectroscopic processes or gives hand to extended dynamic range by multiple non-destructive readout architectures.

Tailor-made: custom CMOS image sensor design

Besides the off the shelf products, AWAIBA's image sensor design team has more than ten years of experience in developing custom made image sensor solutions tailor made and exclusive to the commissioning customers. Custom design solutions permit the closing of the gap between innovation and the devices available on the market and allow a reduction in part cost for volume production and protect the customer's product IP from copy cats.

Always close and committed to its customers

With locations in Switzerland, Germany and Portugal and a world-wide distribution and representation network, AWAIBA is close to its customers on a global scale. AWAIBA's worldwide team develops increasingly innovative products and ultimately creates together with its customers better quality of life for patients and end users.


Contact details:

Email: info@awaiba.com
Website: www.awaiba.com
Contact site: www.awaiba.com/contact-sales-form